Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mother-Daughter Garden Party

I've always wanted to do some kind of mother daughter party with my girls.  Tea party? Nah, we want to be different. Garden party? Yes!  We held the party while the boys were away at the father and son campout at church, we invited a few friends and the activities were as follows:

Make butterfly fans: Trace a butterfly shape onto your choice of paper, the sturdier the better, decorate and glue onto a craft stick and you're done!

Potted flowers: each girl got to plant flowers into cute small tin pails I found at the dollar spot at Target.  I couldn't find enough rocks for the bottom of the pail, so we used dry beans from my food storage. If you're wondering if the beans will sprout, yes they will and then they push the flowers right out of the pot.  Next time, I'll be sure to find rocks. :)

Of course we had to serve lunch as well. Our menu looked like this:

Assorted sandwiches (no crust of course)
veggie tray
fruit tray
chips and salsa
raspberry trifle

For decorations, I kept it really simple with flower pinwheels in the grass and a couple of hanging flower baskets that we had a drawing to win.  Each girl also went home with a strawberry planting kit also found at the dollar spot at Target.

Me and my beautiful, wonderful girls

Lindy, Lucy and Greta

Heidi and Hannah

Kadance and Neuza

Hattie and Angela

We knew the party was over when the boy walked in waving this around
Nice catch Trey, but I think next time we'll have the party the night they are away instead of the morning before they come home.

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LuLu's Table... QDVille and Jman said...

I love this!! I wanna be YOU! Or your neighbor, or... well I guess being your aunt will have to do for now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life!