Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey all, I just realized that the voting doesn't open until March 2nd and I have to already have been chosen in teh top 50, so for now just rate my video with 5 stars and we'll hope to grab their attention!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The best job in the world

I did something really crazy a few days ago and applied for "The best job in the world," a blogging tourist in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. I had to make a short video that was creative and entertaining and hope for the best since there are millions of applicants. On March 2nd, they will choose 50 short-list candidates and then top 11 which includes a wild card...that's where you come in, the person with the most votes on their video gets to be in the top 11 which means a trip to the Reef and a chance at $150,00 and the best job in the world. I'm a big nerd in the video and I realize chances are slim, but I thought, why not?! Vote for Rachel! Get all your friends to vote for me too.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

rubber chicken olympics

Our first full day at sea, the cruise ship's "entertainment team" put on the rubber chicken olympics and asked for volunteers in the crowd. Leave it to the Prices to be first in line! Justin and his oldest brother Chet were a team and his sister Ginger and brother Brady were a team. They had to do a number of events involving the chickens, below you'll see some of my favorites. This was also the day the family wore matching bright green shirts. After this, we became quite the celebrity family on the cruise and we were known as "the green shirts."

chet stuffing as many chickens as possible b/w Justin's legs and then he had to run to the other end.

Ginger stuffing Brady's shirt full of as many chickens as possible in a few seconds.
Justin stuffing Chet's shirt

Chet fit all 42 chickens!

doing the chicken dance

Ginger and Brady doing the chicken dance

Guess who won?! They won a bottle of bubbly which they promptly exchanged for a t-shirt

The proud teams

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On the beach in Acapulco

Valentine's Day on the ship

Formal night on the ship

yep, it was always that beautiful!

We're back! After an 8 day cruise with Justin's family sans kids, I am a new woman ready to take on the world!!

This trip was one I will absolutely never forget. Not only did I get to have the cruise experience, see Mexico, snorkel, go on a zip line adventure, watch cliff divers, read my book on the beach uninterrupted (except by vendors of course), shop, barter, play...I actually came home spiritually full and rejuvenated which is not something I expected. Each day we got together for a one hour gospel study session with one of the Price kids leading the discussion. We talked about prayer, unity, the Atonement and more and I had a number of paradigm shifts, some too personal for me to discuss at length on my blog. However, I can say that I felt the Spirit testify to me that the words being spoken were truth, that the Book of Mormon is absolutely true as is the Bible and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me personally, care about me and want me to succeed and return home to them. I will also share that I have gained a new perspective on my life as mommy. It did help to be away for 10 days; I missed my kids terribly and thought about them every single day and reflected upon the course I am on right now. I felt that I need to make some changes in my life and shift priorities and I may be letting go of some things that will be very difficult to let go of. I also realize how easy it is to quickly fall back into old routines and bad habits, but I'm determined to still try my hardest. I'm grateful for the wonderful people who surround me, especially my family and for the great blessings in my life, so many that I'm sure I could bore you right off my blog. This week and a half was honestly life changing for me.

I will continue to share all the fun stuff we did , but I didn't actually take too many pictures because we are all sharing the pics we took and I had the least reliable camera, so hopefully i will get more soon. But enjoy the few I have for now. Tomorrow I'll post about the rubber chicken olympics...stay tuned!