Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loving baby Luke

It amazes me how a new baby can turn your world upside down in an instant! Even though I'm not new at the mommy bit, I really did forget just how demanding they can be; sleepless nights, fussy tummies, constant nursing, constantly wanting to be held. Then there's the issue of juggling; whose turn it is to hold him, protecting him from the three year old, when did I last feed him? It's a wonder I am still standing.

However, there is a big difference I've noticed in becoming mom the fourth (and last) time around...I am savoring every single moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm praying for the sandman to work his magic , but it's easier this time to remind myself that in seemingly no time at all he will be walking, talking and starting school. He won't be so small that he can lay sleeping in my lap while I blog. He will grow up and I think I'll be a little sad. So, until then, I am going to drink in all the newborn goodness and enjoy this most dependent stage of life (while I also beg Mr. Sandman to visit at 3 AM).

Luke and Grandma Price
Big sister Brooklyn giving Luke a good cuddle

Taylee and Luke chilling in their jammies

Luke with big brother Treygan

Precious baby

There is nothing sweeter than a baby sleeping on daddy