Thursday, April 28, 2011


April was really good to us (besides the crummy weather). We enjoyed Easter with great friends and everyone grew another month older. I really do feel like I'm handling motherhood well right now. 4 is VERY busy, but I've actually caught myself smiling for no good reason and this is no small thing for me. I've struggled with depression on and off since I was a teenager, but a few years ago it hit me really hard to the point where I didn't even know how to feel happy anymore. Medication was the answer to my prayer and I was very nervous to go off of it while I was pregnant and even more nervous to see what would happen after baby arrived. Two months later, it has not gone unnoticed that I feel great joy in my calling as mommy to these kiddos sent to me from my Father above. I have decided this is a tender mercy from Him and words cannot describe how grateful I am.

Tay stuck in her curtain...maybe you had to be there, but I laughed hard!
Luke is a happy, calm baby...a necessity as child #4
He is 12 pounds and though you can't tell in the pic, his eyes are still blue!
I'm crossing my fingers they'll stay that way as it is my only hope to
ever hear, "he has your eyes." Cuz we all know who all my kids get
everything else from.
Blackmail picture?
Brooklyn loves to help with baby Luke.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

Last week, my favorite sister and her family DROVE from Michigan to come visit us! We had a spectacular time together and introduced Luke to the world; we went to a different place each day. We miss them and look forward to another visit...thanks Hemingways for making the long trek to Idaho! Here are some highlights: We met Scott PF Chang' BOISE! We were pretty funny, the four of us passing around the IPOD and whispering ever so discreetly to decide if it really was him and what movies we knew him from. He was sitting right next to us and we're sure he knew he was our dinner conversation. As we were leaving, I knew I couldn't walk out without saying something...."Excuse me, we're wondering if you're Scott Glenn?" To which he replied "Guilty." And proceeded to talk about Skiing in Sun Valley, where Nat and Tadj were headed. No, we didn't ask for an autograph or picture, I just wasn't that brave and didn't want to pester the poor man. We were star struck and even went home to watch Vertical Limit. Onto the awesome family stuff..... We had movie night
We got our think on at the Discovery Center
We won a crap load of useless toys at PoJos
We loved on the baby
more baby lovin'
and yet some more
We dirt biked
and Go-Karted
even more...
And more!
I spent much needed time with my sis. I always love how easy our relationship is.
Then, Brooklyn sobbed when we had to say goodbye....and so did I.