Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Treygan turns 7

It's hard to believe that 7 years ago we were living in Moscow, Idaho, still in school and taking on the new adventure of parenthood! Treygan is such a great kid! He is funny (as you can tell above, he can never make a normal face anymore) and excited about pretty much anything that comes his way. He will be receiving the star student award at school for enthusiasm this Friday and that word really describes him well. He is a huge helper at home always asking what he can do for me and always willing to help his sisters. He still enjoys anything involving a ball and he is actually really good at any sport he tries. We simply can't imagine our family without him!

For his birthday, we went to his favorite restaurant Tucanos which he chose because he knew he'd get to stand on his chair with a tambourine and of course get ice cream. After dinner we went to his baseball game and afterward had cupcakes with the team. He was thrilled to get his big bike with a kickstand, but even more thrilled to get a big kid skateboard from Grandma's scary, but he loves it.

We love you Trey!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

As my kids came into my bedroom this morning to serve me breakfast (thanks Justin) and shower me with crafts made with their own two little hands, I paused for a moment as I saw them standing all together beaming and I thought to myself: I love being a mother.

Now, let me back it up a bit. I have not always had that thought. I have always loved my children, but I have had struggles with enjoying motherhood (as I'm sure many have). I don't just mean being bothered every so often with the emotional and physical demands carried by motherhood, I mean I had serious issues with loving, even liking this most divine calling. Part of the problem was not really knowing what I'm doing (I started young), not really understanding how to enjoy it (it's a lot of work ya know). I have also been struggling with depression over the past few years, something I have kept pretty quiet and is another blog post or two or three in itself.

However, without going too much into all of that, as it stands today I am happy. I love being a mom. I love all the drawings just for me. I love being with them. I love observing them. I love hearing them. I love seeing them grow and learn. Don't get me wrong, it's not always roses, but for the most part I am seeing much brighter days. I am feeling so grateful for a very wise, incredibly loving Father in Heaven who never left my side through all the challenges I've faced in the journey of motherhood and who continues to be with me so long as I let Him in. I know that raising these 3 beauties of mine beside my wonderful husband is what life is all about, all the other stuff is just stuff and I am just so grateful.