Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winds of Change

Oh the winds of change, they are a blowin’! Where are they taking the Prices…?

Twin Falls, Idaho baby! That’s right folks, we are moving. Yes, we’ve moved at least a hundred times (okay, more like 10) and we’re doing it again. In our defense, we have been in Meridian for 4 ½ years now, a record for us. We need to live up to our reputation and keep moving along.
Let’s be honest here. Do I love moving? No. Do I want to settle somewhere so my kids can make lifelong buddies and feel secure? Absolutely. But, this is just an opportunity we can’t resist and truly feel is a blessing for our family. Justin was offered a position as the Resident Engineer in Shoshone for the State of Idaho. This is a promotion, something I’m very proud of him for, and along with it will come promotion perks , or as I like to call them, blessings.

I feel excited, nervous and sad, but truly mostly excited. I think that is a really good sign, considering the last time we moved I was anything but happy. I’ve learned my lesson and now know that even though we have established wonderful friendships here and live in a neighborhood that most people envy, new friends await. The kids are starting to creep up to an age where it is important to be settled, but I think there is a still a window. I know it will be an adjustment and I know there will be tears, but I also know they’ll move on eventually and make new friends, probably faster than I will. This is an adventure! I know we can use it for the good of our family if we stay close to the Lord.

Meridian friends, don’t think you’re getting rid of us! I know how many of you drive to Utah throughout the year and would be breezing through our new town, so don’t forget to pop in on us and say hello because you will not be forgotten and each friendship we’ve made here will impact our lives forever.