Monday, August 30, 2010

August Happenings

I have obviously missed posting a huge chunk of summer, in fact I'd really like to just forget most of this summer and move on, but a few important events happened this month, so I'll share those before inevitably taking another hiatus from blogging as I do everything I can to overcome horrible nausea and wait impatiently for this next child of mine to join our family.

Taylee turned "sree"
we celebrated with a few of her cutie pie friends at PoJo's fun place
Any guesses where we went for our 9th anniversary?
Back to School!! Hallelujah! Trey man is a big 2nd grader
Excited to get on the bus
I'm not very good at hair so I know this is nothing spectacular, but I'm still proud when I do more than just a half pony with a bow. It had to be special for her first day ya know.
She's excited but scared to start Kindergarten
She's off! She was very nervous, but when she saw her good friend on the bus her face lit up and her confidence came back. Later I found out from my neighbor who followed the bus to school
(I don't do that for fear that they will lose all confidence when they see me) that there was not a teacher or an aide in sight to help these poor little kindergartners know where to go. Instead, the bus driver told them they would have someone to help tomorrow and she let them off. Thank goodness my neighbor was there to help my petrified 5 year old find her classroom. I'm not one to normally make a fuss, but I do think her teacher will be hearing from me. In any case, she survived and was all smiles when she came home. 2 kids down, 2 more to go! We're halfway there folks.