Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cereal Madness!

I normally like to do pictures, so sorry if text only bores you, but I can't pass up sharing this story: This morning I was on the phone with Steph who I haven't talked to in months and of course the kids were driving me nuts and I am not good at multitasking while I'm on the phone. All 3 kiddos were standing around the table and Brooklyn decided she wanted to pour some more Rice Krispies for herself...did it make it into the bowl? Maybe a few did, but most ended up all over the floor. I knew it happened but I was still tied up in my conversation. After I got off the phone and was still ignoring the situation and helping Justin find something, I finally decided to look over. There they were on the floor in cereal bliss, especially Taylee who was covered head to toe in smashed up rice krispies. I probably could have just left them there and they would have been quiet and happy until the cereal was gone, but I thought it would be a good idea to clean them up. No picture, though, oh well. It's still a great memory.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Fun

Well, we've had a full summer so far. The pictures showcase some of these fun things including a trip to the greenhouse for a preschool tour, the Boise Farmer's Market where the kids can play in the water, sunday walks , the boys as superheros and more. And guess what, this doesn't even include camping and the Fourth of July! Fall will be here before we know it!
Now for some fun stories of glorious childhood: One Sunday I jokingly said to Treygan, "You make dinner tonight." After a few minutes I heard banging of dishes and the microwave. Upon checking it out I found that my sweet boy had made oatmeal for us and that Brooklyn tried to help which explains the picture of the oatmeal on the floor and the little broom next to it. She gave up and just resorted to eating dry oatmeal...she really ate it!
The other day the kids decided to do a lemonade stand with their friend Lacy next door...I can't believe we're already doing lemonade stands, and for 25 cents a cup! They wanted to do a dollar, but I talked them down. It was super hot, over 100 and they were red faced and sweating, but they earned about 75 cents each and promptly spent it when the ice cream truck drove by. Whew! I know this is mega post, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!