Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of First Grade

My first day started off so well; after a blessing from daddy last night, I was excited and ready....

Mom made my fave, sunny side up eggs with toast
I was armed with light up skechers that make me run "super fast!"

Brooklyn will miss me, but I'm a big first grader now!

Oops! I was a bit too excited and ran like the wind to the bus stop before tripping and scraping my knuckles and...

a good scrape on my knee. I didn't even cry!

My first day was awesome! We had a scavenger hunt, ate watermelon and had THREE recesses! When I got home, mom and Brooklyn had made me welcome home signs.

I had a great day, but my family is still the best!
Love, Treygan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

acrobatics, swim, sand and missing teeth

Sounds like a mishap at the beach, right? Nah, just what the Prices have been up to....

Look mom, no hands! Taylee's latest trick
Swim lessons: Trey venturing to the deep end

Did he do it? Of course he did!

Did she?

Sort of. The instructor dropped her in

My awesome hubby's latest project...

Beach fun in our own backyard!

Trey finally lost a couple teeth this summer and he's getting mad that the teeth are already growing in because he wants his friends at school to see his missing teeth.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy birthday Taylee!

I really cannot believe my baby turned two! Taylee is definitely the funny one, always making funny faces and even talking in silly voices to make us laugh. She screams A LOT just like her sister, but I like to tell myself it will eventually turn into a good quality, like she stands up for herself or something like that :) We sure love our Taylee girl! Be sure to watch the video cute!

3 months old
one year old
beautiful girl
That's my Taylee!