Friday, July 31, 2009

Michigan/ Mackinac trip

We recently returned from my favorite trip to Michigan so far! My mom planned a trip to Mackinac Island in northern Michigan with my siblings and our families, complete with "Hardie Party" tee-shirts. We stayed in a hotel in St. Ignace, MI where we enjoyed lots of yummy food, games together,swimming, campfire, chasing seagulls and more! As always we were sad to leave, but this is the first time my kids were really sad. Brooklyn cried two days before we left in anticipation of the goodbyes and continues to miss her grandparents each day! That's okay, we'll be back soon!!

Fort Mackinac was an army fort in the 1800's and has been preserved as such and open to tourists to travel back to a simpler time...

Isn't it beautiful!
Amandine, Brook, Trey and Sofia

Brooklyn taking care of her baby cousin Scarlett

Ahh, wouldn't it be nice if this is what my girls did all day?

Peek-a-boo Taylee

Soldiers: Chris, Justin and Treygan

The girls loved dressing up in period clothing

All the cousins dressed up

We're lucky we even got this picture!

Treygan in jail....he loved this and the cannon and gun demo

Trey and Fia wanted to ride on the upper deck of the ferry boat. Little did we realize it would be so windy we couldn't even blink! We only lasted a couple minutes.

It was a bit chilly for Taylee at the beach.

When the babies let one of the floaty toys go in the lake, Trey was still eating his lunch and upon discovering the wandering toy, he jumped up and ripped off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and tried with all of his might to rescue it.....the rescue mission failed, but we all got a good laugh!

Thierry and Scarlett

Grandma and Grandpa led the kids in a few games of Uno

The day after our Mackinac trip, we traveled to Cedar Point, here the kids are waiting anxiously for a ride. If you haven't heard of Cedar Point, look it's the best!

My kiddos with Grandpa before bed.

We finished off our vacation with a trip to the Dairy Park in good ol' HP. Say ice cream!

Thanks mom and dad for a very memorable trip!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo Shoot

Thanks to my very awesome friend Shannon for providing us with great pictures! Enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What summer is about

We had the best Fourth of July this year! Good friends definitely equals good times! A little swim, a casual picnic and fireworks= perfect! We look forward to this holiday just before summer begins, I just love the carefree, fun and grateful attitude that surrounds this important date. I'm so thankful and proud to be an American! Thanks Parrys and Carlsons for a great time!

What a great family picture!
Taylee just loves the baby

What Tay prefers to do at the pool

He's swimming!

She's trying!

Daddy is the best swim teacher

What mom prefers to do at the pool (I'll go for a quick dip, though)

Waiting for the kick ball...isn't she quite the princess.

Brooklyn taking out her sibling angst with the kick ball


The dads worn out from playing with the kiddos

Doing snaps waiting for fireworks

They started aiming for people walking by...yikes

Ryan helping Taylee stomp on the snaps

Friday, July 3, 2009

to make you smile

Sending this picture to brighten your day...don't mess with a toddler holding a water gun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Temple visit

A few weeks ago, the kids had a primary activity at the Boise Temple. They got to go inside the waiting area and learn about why temples are important and then they toured the grounds and had a treat. The Spirit was definitely present as I watched my kids walk around the temple; They did get a bit goofy, Treygan was a bit grouchy part of the time, but for the most part they were happy. It was a beautiful day and I have no doubt we were at the most wonderful place we could be, the Lord's house.

Brook and her best friend Keva
Sitting pretty by the fountain

I think he wants to push her in :)

" When do we get our treat? "

silly Brooklyn trying to cheer up (or tease) pouty Treygan